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Next trustees meeting: Aug 12 at 6:30
Next Zoning Commission meeting: Aug 11 at 6:30
Next Board of Zoning Appeals meeting: Aug 25 at 6:30
No listed events on the upcoming Township Calendar.

Peninsula Police Department Senior Watch Program
1582 Main Street, Peninsula, Ohio 44264 Office: 330-657-2995
After business hours: 330-657-2911

The Peninsula Police Department is implementing a Senior Watch Program. This program will benefit senior and/or disabled residents of the Village of Peninsula and the Township of Boston.

An officer will make a phone call, or a brief visit to the residence on a regular basis, between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, to check the well being, safety and security of the participants.

Eligibility Requirements:
Residents age 65 or older, who live alone, with no family close.
Residents 65 or older who live with a family member who is bed-ridden, handicapped, or chronically ill.Any adult, regardless of age, who lives alone and is seriously and/or chronically ill, with no family close.

For a printable Senior Watch Application form, click here. Complete it and mail to the Peninsula Police Department at the address given above. Or, stop at the Peninsula Town Hall to pick up a copy.

This program is voluntary, and there is no fee charged to participants. To be a part of this program, you must fill out the Application Form, which will be kept at the Police Department all information will be kept confidential.

Any questions, or concerns, please call the Senior Watch Officer, Priscilla Allaman at 330-657-2995.

Our Town: a brief history

Alfred Wolcott of Connecticut came to Boston Township in 1805 with a surveying party to locate the lands that belonged to Simon Perkins. Among the members of the surveying party was James Stanford. After returning home for the winter, Wolcott, Stanford and a few other men arrived back in Boston Township in 1806 and erected a cabin at the site of the present day Boston Cemetery. That same year, Wolcott traded his lands along the Cuyahoga River for Stanford's lands on the eastern rim of the valley. More settlers followed, resulting in the official organization of the township on January 15, 1811. At that time what had been known only as Range 11, Town 4 of the Connecticut Western Reserve became known as Boston Township.

1874 map of Boston Township

1874 map of Boston Township (Peninsula Library & Historical Society)

Our Town: A Brief History .... (continued)